Starstruck – over a decade’s worth of celebrity snapshots by an obsessive fan


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I was born in 1979 and most of those people are completely unrecognizable to me. So next time you complain about Bieber, know that his time in the spotlight is short.

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Bieber who?

The Justin Bieber of the '70s.

Lessee… Gloria Vanderbildt maybe?

Sonny Bono, Cher, Cher’s date who looks like Leif Garrett but is too old to be him

Redd Foxx

Milton Berle, Buddy Hackett

Tina Turner, Ike

Peter Falk, Diana Rigg

Put em all together and you’ve got either Battle of the Network Stars, a Nipsey Russell roast, or an Irwin Allen disaster movie.


Same 100% forehead coverage, too. Must be a psychology thing with how people choose their pop idols.

You’re probably right. I thought that one looked a bit like Leslie Nielsen (washed out by the flash as it is), but I can’t see him wearing that Dracula outfit unironically.

All shows I remember well (grew up during the 70s).

I dunno. I was pretty cognizant of most of the A-list stars that were big when I was born or in the generation before me-- Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Fred Astaire, etc. I would think, by the same token, if I was born in 1979, by the time I was 35, I would know definitely recognize most of these. In fact, I think by the time you reach 35, most of these would just be basic knowledge to anyone who’s interest in current culture is more than just for the flavor of the day. If not interested, fine, but its not because their spotlight was short. Its because you obviously don’t pay much attention to stuff that came before the Biebers. A lot of people do, and always will.


Cher’s date is maybe Gregg Allman from the Allman Brothers. She dated him for a while.

But yeah, I was born in 77, and I recognized almost all of them at glance (I didn’t recognize Ike Turner, but I figured it out after a minute or so)…

Edited to add: In fact, here you go… Cher and Gregg Allman…

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