State senator proposes ban on public funding of Bigfoot hunting


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Bigfoot hunts are just more proof of the oppression of Republicants! Y U H8 AMERICA???


racked up $7,000 of expenses

But did they find Bigfoot?


He posts here all the time so I am not sure why they are can’t find him!


This could be crowd funded.


On the one hand, this smells of the Golden Fleece awards.

OTOH, seven thousand bucks for a Bigfoot hunt?!


I’ve started a campaign at


Imagine if they had. The revenue potential would be staggering. The beef jerky industry alone would subsidize a whole new campus building to house the cryptozoology department.


Sen. George Munoz is sponsoring a bill that would ban public funds from being spent on “looking for or catching a fictitious creature.”

So no more state tax-cuts for religions?


Who do you think paid off the senator to shut the hunt down?


Play’er Hate’n Republicans!


It really cuts into the efforts to maintain the secret Sasquatch Militia


Surely we can agree both that (1) research into Bigfoot as a natural (rather than a cultural) phenomenon is ridiculous at this point and almost certainly should not have been funded, and (2) bad facts make bad law, and this is probably not a good law.


Rule 34 is such a thing


I agree. Why bother turning this incident into a ridiculous piece of legislation? This should have been handled as a fraud investigation.


In New Mexico? Are you kidding? That’s the tipoff right there - Bigfoot is not found in New Mexico. His range extends from Washington up into Alaska and east as far as northern Michigan. New Mexico? That’s like trying to find el Chupacabra in Greenland.


Hey hey hey - don’t bring chupacabra into this!!!


I wonder how much of this money was taken from student activity fees? Student Activity Fees are technically not public money, it’s just a fee added on to tuition and can be used for practically anything that the student council votes on, even religious things.


With all the porn e-books featuring dinosaurs and stuff out there (and of course Hugo-nominated Chuck Tingle’s ouvre), fictitious sexual encounters with Homo Sasquatchis or Gigantopithecus or what-have-you doesn’t surprise me in the least.


These are exactly the type of needless regulations we elected Trump to get rid of!