State trooper finds nothing funny about pulling over DeLorean going 88mph

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Ugh, that joke is so 2015.


A bit more info and an quick interview:

I don’t get it. TXDoT can allow speed limits of up to 85 mph on the parts of the highway system that can handle it, and I’m sure they have. 88 mph is in the noise at that speed. I see why the driver thought it was a joke, however; the cop could have just been intrigued by the rebuilt Delorean, or maybe a fan.

Which would you rather have, a delorean, knowing that it gave you a license to speed at 88 mph, or a Aston Martin DB5, knowing that it gave you a license to kill?

It was a joke Honest! Look, I even used a Walther P5!

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As long as no one was called out for being “chicken”

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Fair, as surely this is no gentleman, and also wasn’t in a BeavisMW

I’m going with the Lotus on this one. I don’t know what it gets me, i just want one.


a useful safety feature:

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“A ticket? Heavy…”

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Yeah. Too bad it doesn’t get you a young Barbara Bach.

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The driver was actually relieved, just coming back from a successful intervention in 1836 San Antonio, to be stopped by a Texas state cop rather than a Mexican Federale.


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