Statue of Stalin to be reinstated in Gori, Georgia


Totally cool. The world needs more Stalin. There aren’t enough evil murderous douche-bags in the world. Thanks Gori, Russia!

Welcome to the Past!

Enjoy your stay.

why would he possibly think Russains would like this?
He’s the reason Russians hate Georgia to begin with.

Now maybe Braunau am Inn, Austria, will stop dragging its’ ass and finally erect a statue of Hitler.


At first I was all like “haha this is totally ridiculous because Hitler is so much worse”, then I realized

… no winners in that contest, “too close to call” means, yeah, that would be more than a little like somewhere in Germany erecting a statue of Hitler.


pfft, that’s nothin’! they got a statue of Tupac in Stone Mountain, Georgia:

There’s a bitter old Brooklyn joke about the Dodgers moving to Los Angeles at the end of the 1957 season.

Say you had Hitler, Stalin and Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley together in a room and you also had a gun with two bullets. Who would you shoot?
Dumb question, you shoot O’Malley twice, of course, once in the chest then in the head, just to make sure.

I think that was much more alienating than my suggestion it was going up…in the US House…until something got done. (Cutting the Curd seems to broadcast from Brooklyn. Pastoral, white-jumpsuited Brooklyn. Nyr?)


couldn’t figure it out, either ¯\ _ (ツ)_ /¯

I can sort of understand the pull of nostalgia for the old days. I think it’s a bit crazy, but then I didn’t grow up in the USSR and I don’t live there now. It’s surreal as hell and a bit scary. I’m just waiting for people to start getting erased from photos, like the old days.

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