STD dating site fined $16.5m



What a bunch of creeps. I wonder if the people who use the dating site called “ChristianSafeHaven” realize that the company also runs “PostivelyKinky” (or vice versa).


They don’t share data with any outside or third parties. Only subsidiaries.

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I’m assuming since they were fined $16.5 million that they are worth substantially more? how much do these types of sites rake in?

these all seem to be pretty niche sites, I wouldn’t think cross site stuffing would go over very well…will HIV+ daters be matched with Conservative Christian daters or Black daters (two of their other niche sites)? stuffing new sites with profiles from your other sites makes them seem more established, but there isn’t a lot of crossover, and what happens when a legitimate user tries to connect with one of them? these people are on niche dating sites for a reason. i cannot believe they even tried to get away with this. boggles the mind.

Holy mother of Irony!

Is that for realz?

I mean, there is surely a market for extraordinarily narrowly focused dating sites, but the notion they are all run by one, completely agnostic, parent company is too delicious to be expressed in one short-ish post.


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