Stephen Colbert on Bradley Manning trial: "We, the American People, Are the Enemy"


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Very true, although it would be perhaps be even more accurate to say that “Everybody* is the Enemy”.

  • Large corporations are by default excluded from this list

God-damn this region-blocked bollocks.
here’s the youtube vid

I reckon in future it’s best to just link to other video sources, rather than the official source.


It’s not funny because it’s true. I just couldn’t laugh, even though the delivery was perfect.


The People, indicted, will always be divided.

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It makes sense, seriously. Similar situation with the Pentagon Papers. There was nothing in there that would help the Viet Cong/NLF attack differently. It was just politically embarrassing material that needed to be kept out of the hands of the American public.

But the security of the powerful is national security. They are the only ones the state still protects - but it protects them like a goddam pit bull.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between a laugh and a cry.


Awesome. I love it when you can see his righteous anger coming through. Reminds me that way of his White House Correspondents Dinner speech in front of Bush.

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