Stephen Colbert in Rare Form (Not What You May Think)

It’s 9:00 PM here in Japan. I’m still reeling, wondering if my emotional exhaustion will be enough to get a poor sleep cycle in. Tomorrow I have to face my colleagues and I honestly don’t know what to say to them. Saturday I start the long flight back to Texas and my wife, who I’m going to hug for dear life.

But I’m glad I saw this before trying to sleep, because Colbert’s words reminded me that America isn’t hateful, it’s afraid and fear can turn uncertain people toward hate. I’m going to reject that road and help turn everyone I can away from it.

Good night and I’m grateful for this community, for my country, for my species, and for the pale blue dot we’re all truly privileged to call home.


And any Star Wars fan knows what comes after that.

ETA: I like the sentiment of the video, but when America has just voted for the candidate of divisiveness over the candidate of unity, it’s hard to take heart in a message of unity.


I keep thinking back to W and how at the time I was considering his presidency as watching the fuse to the dynamite get closer and closer to that tied up huge bundle sitting at the core of our society (and ultimately the world.) When we elected Obama we snuffed out the fuse for a few moments, but somehow we never really got around to removing that dynamite.

Last night? That fuse sputtered back to life.


Stephen Colbert…the man deserves all the awards that can be given.

Just what I needed today.


I never realized biting directly into a KitKat like it’s a regular candy bar was even an option.

Thanks, Stephen.


When I was a kid I would slather peanut butter into the grooves and eat it that way. I think that I need to try that with Nutella.


You animal! J/k, kinda sounds like a good idea. Thanks to KitKat having topped the Hierarchy this year, my boy got a boat load of 'em on Begging Night. We can try peanut butter, jelly, beer cheese…

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