Provoked by Trump's cruel budget, Colbert brings back The Word


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I’m disappointed that you don’t remember this:


As it turns out, Canadians make mighty good Americans. I know, weird…


We have been watching you keenly and closely for centuries with minds cool and unsympathetic, observing your ways, probing your weaknesses.


Am I missing something? Colbert was born in D.C. and grew up in South Carolina.


I, for one, welcome our Canadian overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a former Boy Scout, I can be helpful in directing others to work on their maple syrup plantations


I’m married to one and it’s eerie: she’s so lifelike and human! You would never know, eh?

Seriously, I felt like a pod person one time at the St Lawrence Mkt (best pea meal bacon sandwich!) when shopping for maple syrup and i foolishly blurted out “I like the darker maple syrup!” and the whole place came to a halt, the dust motes in the air stood still and they all stared with those dead eyes. A few slow heartbeats later everyone started moving again but only after I was hustled out of the building and in front of a bus. Which promptly stopped, let me aboard and we made our getaway. A close thing.



The weird thing is, if Trump “only” cut the humanity budget (NEA, NEH, MoW) 20% – for 4 years-- it might not have gotten sufficient attention, and gotten through.

But to cut all of them, to 0%? How do Republicans ever get away with this, without looking like cretinous apes?


And not the chimpanzees or orangutans, either.


you don’t go half in on evil…it is all or nothing!


You like maple surple? Gaaahhhh! I once went to a meal at a sugar shack behind Mont-Rigaud during sugaring off season - maple-cured ham, pancakes and maple surple, maple-cured bacon, etc… Couldn’t wait to get home and rinse all the sugar out of my mouth with good Scotch. This is me saying it - I eat like a horse.

I’d say that you’re welcome to burn them, but then we’d be out a great deal of our woodlots.


The worst angels of my nature kind of want this budget to pass, so that we can see the train wreck to its completion and there’s never any doubt who the hell caused it when it comes time to lay blame. But no, too many real people will suffer under this dicknozzle’s budget. Plus, I’ll probably lose my career.


This is the kind of attitude that actually makes me think that Kellie Leitch’s “values test” would make sense.

Except that’s only for immigrants, so it wouldn’t do much good in this instance anyway.


The budget could get labeled “The Donald J. Trump Humanities, Environmental Protection, and Consumer Safeguard Elimination Act” and any horrific blow-back will be blamed on Obama, Clinton, terrorists, and the lying media.


Yup. Too many people who like maple surple already in the country.


Wait… aren’t you one of them Quebecish-types? Aren’t you legally required not to like all that Anglo crap anyway? (I’m an American, I don’t know the rules very well.)


And yet not enough of us to throw the maple-haters out.


I’m an Anglo-Quebecish type. Besides, maple surple cuts across ethnic lines. Who do you think was running the sugar shack behind Mont-Rigaud? They weren’t Anglos. :wink:

Now why do you think that is? :smiling_imp:


Maple cured olives.


That’s a good description of what my stomach would go through, yes…