Steve Bannon pretty much declares war on the free press


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He got through the whole interview without saying lügenpresse?




Intimidation is a symptom of fascism. Bannon needs to go before he thinks that the things he says are persuasive.


And in the meantime, the Popehat crew, ever-ready defenders of the right to shout faggot on a crowded campus, are busily normalising this as much as they can:


I’ve seen this guy linked all over, for a while now. I’ll be one of the 10.000 today: Who or what is popehat?


Please (if you can) stop the autoplay on this.


He’s a fascist thug with a media outlet of his own, so it was only a matter of time before he went all Julius Streicher on every other outlet.


It’s a legal blog.


Is it libertarian leaning or something?




Popehat is a blog with several contributors, chief of whom is Ken White, a libertarian lawyer who used to be a prosecutor but is now a private attorney who focuses on First Amendment cases.

He has a history of doing some good things (organising pro-bono representation for bloggers threatened in SLAPP suits, etc), but has reliably awful taste in friends (until recently, the most prolific other contributor at Popehat was Clarke, an overt neo-fascist).

There is also a strong tendency for Ken’s free-speech advocacy to focus on targets such as defeating campus anti-racism rules while ignoring things such as the journalists attacked by police in Ferguson.


Sorry, I wasn’t aware that it was. I’ve done the l33t trick of putting a space in.


I got blocked by Popehat on twitter for criticising Clarke. Who was probably driving the account at the time.


Got it. Thanks.


Look, if the press is the “opposition party” for reporting the truth, then what is Trump? If he wants to make wild claims then he should provide something other than his gut feeling to prove it, because the press can find stuff to back up what they say. I have to admit I now think it’s only a matter of time before the Trump administration tries to actually censor the media.

“What Fox (News) did is not just create a venue for alternative opinion. It created an alternate reality.” – Charles Krathammer


Bannon is the source of much of the crazy in the campaign and the White House, including the apocalyptic inauguration speech.

If an impeachment or Amendment 25 / Section 5 action to remove Trump doesn’t remove him as well, then we may have to hope that SoD Maddis takes him duck hunting or something.


He* is a lawyer who blogs extensively, often but not exclusively on first amendment matters. He likes to call out what he calls “censorious douchebaggery” wherever he sees it, and helps organise representation (often pro bono) for people suffering from same (including P Z Myers). He appears to be economically right-wing but is socially liberal, with a strong emphasis on civil rights (2nd amendment maybe not so much, 1st, 4th and 5th very much so): nevertheless, IIRC he rejects the label “libertarian”.

For some reason, he attracts ire from both the left and right wings of the political spectrum.

* Technically Popehat is a collective, but these days Ken White writes something like 90% of the blog and twitter feed.


I think it’s easily demonstrable that arrests of press under Obama and arrests of press less than one hour into Trump’s presidency are light years different.

Because we want them to be!

No, seriously, Trump isn’t controlling the local constabularies yet. Get real.