Steve Steinberg, hacker, writer, friend (1970-2020)

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Damn! A name I hadn’t heard in many years, but I subscribed to Intertek back in the day.



that was a very touching tribute for a friend. sorry for your loss.


A real shame, cycling fatalities always seem more tragic than automotive fatalities, even though they are equally devastating. We’d like to think the bike is safer…but not always so.

Greg Curnoe, Canadian artist, also a cycling fatality. My friend’s brother, as well.

RIP, ride safely everyone, keep your balance, and your distance.


David, I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for the great write up about Steve. Do any of his old works still exist out there to read? I’d like to learn more about him.


Thanks for the touching tribute.

It reminded me that stopping prison rape is a priority for me too, and that I need to add a prison rape organization to my list of annual donations.

I just made a sizeable donation to Just Detention International in the name of Steve Steinberg.


Steve was an old, good friend of mine. Still trying to process this information.
He will be missed.


Beautiful tribute, David. I’m very sorry for your loss, and especially, of course, for his now-fatherless sons. I only spoke with Steve once or twice when I was interning at Wired and then working at the Industry Standard, but he was one of those people who unconsciously carry an aura. “Bad things happen to people who show off” – it’s often true, and I certainly never saw Steve show off. Other people showed off for him. They would let you know how smart and how good he was. What a loss. Thank you, David.


Thanks for this tribute to a unique man. All of Steve’s articles for wired are still on the web and you can get a taste of his later thoughts at his very intermittent, bordering on abandoned, blog. Steve also spent a week as guest editor of BoingBoing, as I recall. All the deep links to BoingBoing archives of 2002-2003 are broken, but I think that was around the time.


I’m sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and yours.


It doesn’t have to be, though, if the streets are designed such that conflicts are minimized, like in the Netherlands. Start reading here:


I did not know Steve Steinberg but I felt like I did after reading your beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing your friend with us. Rest In Power.


Steve was my best friend. This is perfect.


Whoa. Terrible news. Steve was a friend when I was at Wired. He was wry, very smart, funny, and the first person whom this Jersey boy ever heard say the words “pumpkin risotto” when I asked what in the world the Wired kitchen was serving that day. RIP, Steve. You were much fun to know and be around.


i haven’t read as heartfelt of a eulogy in some time, and he couldn’t have asked for a finer tribute. Quite a handsome gentleman, as well. My sincere condolences to you @pesco - You’re a good friend. i wish i could say more.


Sorry for the loss of your friend.


David, I hope when it’s my time to jet off, someone writes something a tenth this wonderful about me. My belief system is open to the notion that he very much approves as well.

I realized reading it that I have come into contact with much of his work and thoughts over the years, without having developed an awareness of him as an individual. And now I have that, thank you, and realize he was one of those folks who, like yourself, was in many ways shaping my perspectives and tendencies into what they are today.

Thank you for taking the time to write this, in what must be a very sensitive moment for his family, friend, and colleague circles (sounds like he was the kind of guy who probably thought of those as essentially the same thing).


Gobsmacked and stunned, David. I knew Steve from the Wired/HotWired days ('92-'95) , terrific writer - always felt we had a good connection / chill understanding - it always seemed his quiet reserve contained oceans of thoughts. Definitely had an aura of cool that didn’t need to boast or lord it over anyone - you just knew from his words and questions that he had looked at an issue from a dozen different angles. I’d catch myself wondering where he was, years later - wasn’t surprised he ended up detecting BS (and calling it) on Wall St. firms over the Dot.Bubbles we went through. I ride a regular bike in Brooklyn and the thought that each ride could be your last is never far away. Too random, too soon, and just terribly sad. David, thank you for a remembrance only a true friend could write.


I am so very sorry. All needed healing to you and all who truly love him.

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It’s shit losing friends like that. The days when you think, I’ve GOT to show (X) this! Or they absolutely need to hear this amazing new music right now! And then you realise you can’t. The day to day ache fades, but it will always be those moments that catch in the throat. I just try to use them as reminders of why those missing people were fucking great people instead of it being the sadness coming back. Doesn’t always work, mind. I’m sorry you’ve got another one to your tally, @pesco. We’ve all got too many, I’d warrant.