Sting operation: the NRA explains to white nationalist Australian political party how to deflect gun control calls after a massacre

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Putinist authoritarians aren’t content to just mess up their own country. They have to globalize it. Even the Nazis didn’t try to form a Nazi Internationale. I wonder why they want Americans shooting Americans, Australians shooting Australians.


Disgusting, but not really surprising.

Loads of greed and no empathy make Jack something something.



The ONLY thing the NRA has going for it in the US is the fact that the right to bear arms is written into the constitution. Second item on the list. I do not want to debate how it has been perverted out of recognition by the right. We all know that. But in that one amendment, we as a nation are unique. I do not want to change it though. I think it is pretty clear in its verbiage.
I suspect the aussies should just tell them to fuck off

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Why would the NRA care about gun laws outside of US constitutional jurisdiction? One almost begins to thing it has something to do with gun industry profits or something.


I wonder how effective this actually would be in Australia. I’m Canadian and I have quite a few friends who are very in to guns. They all have their restricted acquisition license and own multiple guns. One works at a gun range. But when I talk to them about guns, I’m still struck by how different their views on guns are from the views I hear from the NRA.

It makes me wonder how effective NRA-style advocacy is in other countries where it might not just be gun laws that are different but gun culture.


Man, it’s like the NRA is an actively malevolent organization of cartoonish proportions…


Bigotry, racism and anti-Semitism have been core affiliations for America’s foremost defender of the right to bear (and more importantly, for manufacturers to sell) arms since the coup of 1977 (which installed a racist murderer as its head). The infamous “graphic novel” makes no bones about it, with caricatures that would have been at home in Der Sturmer:


I have an Aussie friend who is into guns and hunting. Aussie rules make it hard(er) to obtain guns but not impossible. He buys stuff here in the States when he comes over and ships it home as it’s still cheaper to do that then buy them directly down under.

He has a very matter of fact attitude. Most Aussie’s don’t have a problem with laws and registration requirements. Of course they don’t have a 2nd Amendment either so they don’t feel their “rights” are being infringed by gun laws. I believe that’s one reason why the problem is so unique to America and why it’s become such a religious issue.


“how dare you use their deaths to push that forward. How dare you stand on the graves of those children to put forward your political agenda. . . that’s OUR job!”


Again, the NRA is an American political lobbying org, and as such their mission should stop where the water and borders start.

And as a political lobbying org, the NRA has no legal obligation to be honest about where they get their money, so if their whole budget were, hypothetically, Russian Oil money, you or I or the Feds would have no clue – and would not be allowed to have a clue – that that was the case.

This is not a smart way to run a democracy that you want to live, or to live in.

The NRA has harmed more Americans than any terror group. Why aren’t we going after their leaders and money with the force of law?


They’re fucking arseholes. The lot of them - NRA, One Nation, etc etc. Overnight/yesterday the One Nation ‘people’ held press conferences crying about how they’re the victims here, that they’ve been set-up by the journo and Al Jazeera, wah wah waaaaah. That they’re the wronged in this situation. Fuckers.

As a sort-of aside, One Nation has recently been joined by opportunist, racist and misogynist Mark Latham - the former leader of the leftish-wing Labor party. And he got into the Upper House in the recent NSW elections. Jesus fucking christ.

And I used the term ‘people’ for the One Nation reps because they’re absolute garbage, just shithouse racists, bigots and xenophobes. Except when it comes to seeking advice from an equally racist and bigoted American organisation such as the NRA, of course. My despair for the future of Australia has grown a lot in the past week or so.


Absolutely correct. I hope the NRA kept their presentation simple because that’s about the intellectual level of One Nation pollies. Don’t believe me? Check YouTube for some clips of their leader (Pauline Hanson) speaking. Complete fucking dill. One Nation has some support in Queensland but very little in other states including the two largest. They have zero chance of being elected in their own right.


What gives this a late stage capitalism angle is the way the NRA is so fixated on growth. Since they have peak saturation in the USA, they are forced into exports.

Me, I am just heartened by the fact that the only ones willing to buy their dross are the those who are consigned to be the dregs themselves. That the NRA has become so toxic outside of the USA that even nazis will scramble to avoid being seen as too cosy with them.


There’s also the fact that guns laws in Australia have demonstrated that they are very effective. The NRA sees that and wants to dilute them so they can no longer be used as evidence that gun control works.


One of the main reasons that One Nation has been effective in Queensland is that they appeal directly to a societal group that feels disaffected; country voters who never see their elected officials or candidates from other parties.
Sound familiar, America?


Like Canadian healthcare just over the border, inconvenient examples, that would be nice if they went away.


We’re not so obsessed with having guns to defend ourselves against some ill-defined enemy trying to break into our homes and kill us. We look at the rubbish put out by the NRA from afar, and laugh at it much as we laugh at the hyper-right-wing sarcasm of RoboCop (the original, not the weak remake).