Stock news footage of people shopping at the mall the day after 9/11

Zero airplane noise was one of the weirder things on 9/12 and 9/13.

I had a very long (4+ hours) meeting on the morning of 9/12. A pair of F-18s passed overhead to intercept a small plane taking off from Ann Arbor’s municipal airport, scrambled from Selfridge AFB on the other side of Metro Detroit. It was terrifying not knowing why, but fearing the absolute worst…

Dear Dog am I tired of “interesting times”.


Selfridge flew F-16s in 2001. They switched to A-10s in the late '00’s

We had F-16s flying up from Springfield making massive curving contrails over Chicago. If you didn’t think about the reason why they were quite pretty.


Not mad at your pedantry at all! I seriously couldn’t recall if it was F-16s or F-18s, they don’t sound different when you’re stuck in a conference room in an office building. Heck, a former GM exec’s MIG didn’t sound different from a US fighter jet when he took off from said A2 airport if you were stuck inside.


I was at one of the Ivies near NYC at the time, and was told by a janitor, with complete confidence, that “we’re next, because we’re an Ivy League school.” Lol, wtf.


i know right kyle maclachlan GIF


A singularly strange next day for me, with my relatives being back in NYC.

While I’m here:

2:43 Kid’s moms, pink tops, white slacks and skirt (one seems annoyed: “Catch up.”) walking away from them.
2:48 The kids IMHO quite away from moms.

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One of the things about the immediate aftermath of 9/11 that never really sat well with me was how one of George W. Bush’s first calls to action for the American people was “whatever you do, just keep shopping!” It seemed like a symptom of a very sick society that even a momentary interruption in our rampant consumerism was considered an existential threat on par with acts of terrorism.


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