Stock up on special effects breakaway bottles

It always works at home!

My mind and body are north and south.


Bottle Kids!!!


Shakes fist! Was too busy been snarky on another thread to beat you to this.


Now I kind of want to see hidden camera footage of a couple of rival gangs fighting in an alley without realizing that all nearby bottles were replaced with breakaways and the switchblades were replaced with retractable prop knives. Hilarity would surely ensue!


Seems like a lot of money to spend on a really brief joke.

It’s not just for a joke, it’s also for moviemaking and plays. Actors generally don’t like being hit in the head with actual glass bottles very much.


or perhaps these:

Although, it looks like one could still do damage…

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Definitely! That comb has really fine teeth - do you know how much hair you could rip out combing through knots and snags with that thing? :-0


As I recall my switch comb was pretty useless as a comb for that reason. Always seemed grab and pull my hair! I could still use it for that knife dance fight scene in “Beat It” though.

IIRC that wasn’t even the danger with these. The comb could fall out (or be deliberately removed) leaving two bands of surprisingly sharp metal.

My brother’s a movie director, and one time he was directing a scene wherein an actor was to get smashed in the face with a candy glass bottle. The actor was a bit nervous, so my brother volunteered to get smashed in the face first.

Turned out it still hurt quite a bit more than he expected. Maybe that’s why candy glass isn’t used so much anymore.


We used these candy glass bottles in drama club productions in high school.

Oh how times change.

Are you sure they weren’t calling you “candy ass”?

the more things change…

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No thanks! When we were teens, 40 years ago, a friend’s friend–who was a free spirit with shoulder-length hair–was hit in the back of the head with a beer bottle in a bar by someone who didn’t like longhairs. Dead. Just like that.

that’s kinda the point of these, that they’re not heavy enough to do that, for when you wanna film a barfight scene without actually killing anyone.

Pretty sure he is saying he doesn’t want to film or otherwise recreate a barfight, regardless of the lessened consequences provided by these sweet bottles.

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