Stormtrooper decanter


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just the container for my blue milk.


For some reason I read through the whole BB article before I realized that I was misreading “decanter” as “datacenter”.

That was confusing.


These are not the servers you are looking for.


These aren’t the Laphroiags you’re looking for.


a little shot for a stormtrooper


“I’m here to intoxicate you.”


I had a random thought about this as social lubricant for Star Wars-themed drinking games, and maybe even strip poker, and what if Jango Fett’s stormtrooper precursor clones were drinking and playing strip poker, and how sad and disappointing it would be, and - oh never mind.


Hmm…label says Keep away from falling doors. Wonder what that means.

Never hits the spot.


Decanters with cork stoppers are a bad idea. They’ll absorb the spirits stored in them and taint the spirits to follow…:bulb:ohhh


Sent link to wife. Her reply,“But they’re the bad guys so you could only use it for tequila.”


Oh crap! I almost stepped in @Mister44’s drool. :wink:


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