Stormy Daniels files defamation lawsuit against Trump lawyer Michael Cohen


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Yes, yes, I know that Pence is probably worse than Trump, but please just let me have this little bit of schadenfruede.


Some possible, additional beauteousness out of all this: Per NPR this morning, a person (or persons) have offered to pay for any monetary penalties incurred by Stormy Daniels.


Eh, the old “Pence would be worse than Trump” argument is flawed. Granted, Pence might be worse than Trump for certain minority groups – gay people, women, people with skin darker than Wonderbread – but overall, Trump is the greater threat.

Say what you will about Pence, but the likelihood he’ll fabricate a war to distract the public from porn stars he banged is pretty low.


that was my first instinct, months ago, but I’m no longer convinced.

I just don’t know how much worse Pence could be. I feel like Trump is trying to provoke war in time for the midterms, and I really don’t have confidence that he won’t use nukes. So. . . Pence looks pretty okay by comparison. Still bad, but, like, not dangerously unstable


Yeah, good luck with that. Public figure, actual malice, etc.


I guess we’re all assuming he’s not in Putin’s pocket.


you mean Pence? Even if he was, I don’t think Putin wants nuclear war either. But I think Trump might do it in a fit of pique. Or he might end up in an ever escalating conflict through sheer incompetence and an inability to ever back down

Putin might want the cold war days back - the good old days of two super powers and the USSR was one of them, but I don’t think Trump is competent enough for brinkmanship


It says a lot that Trump’s strongest defense on this charge may be that he has a long history of similar NDAs that precede his political ambitions.


Not nuclear, but I believe that Trump is not above arranging some sort of Gulf of Tonkin ‘incident’.


Especially now that he has the cranky 'Stache of Doom advising him.


She’s brighter than Donnie - and has a better lawyer.


His hardball style (resulting in bankruptcies, other business failures, and many lawsuits) pretty much illustrates that.


“Blowhard style” is a better description. That’s why, whatever office he attains or however much money he makes, he’ll be remembered as a petty grifter.


I believe that pretty much no matter what happens from here on end, Trump will forever be enshrined by historians as the biggest clown of a crook US prez ever. Future generations will wonder how we could stand it all without going crazy and pity us.


I can imagine scenarios where the survivors worship Trump as the god-prophet who brought the end-times


That god-prophet will take on the appearance of Czar Nicholas’ I double-headed eagle escutcheon, but with Trump and Putin heads taking the places of the eagle heads, and the eagle body being replaced with the body of a turkey vulture.


He’s certainly done, at least in my opinion. And while I thought ‘tricky dick’ Nixon was the pinnacle of white house shenanigans, Nixon had the good grace to resign before the inevitable chain of events caught up to him.


Perhaps, but I can’t but think that if Nixon had the $$$$$ to help himself out…


Pornstar with constitutional chops.