Stormy Daniels offers to return $130,000 hush money to Trump in exchange for freedom to tell all


It is notable that this is one of the few sex scandals involving Trump that was apparently consensual.

But, still: no privacy for those in power who invade the privacy of others. And no mercy for fascists.


Right-wing American Christianity was never about morals. It’s been a white supremacist movement from the beginning.


Really? Do you have any examples of an unsigned contract being enforceable?

For what court case?


In your business law class, did they cover what happens to a contract when one party to the contract breaks the terms of that contract as happened when the lawyer talked about it to the press?
Also, since 45 said he had no knowledge of the contract, I think the oral contract angle is DOA.


LOL I saw oral contact angle is DOA before my second cup of coffee this am.

Carry on.


There are literally thousands of court cases saying this. Here’s one: Municipal Consultants & Publishers, Inc. v. Ramapo (N.Y. 1979) 47 N.Y.2d 144.

The key isn’t that the contract was signed, but that the parties agreed on the terms and to be bound by it. A signature is generally a strong indication that the parties agree to the terms and to be bound by the contract, but in the absence of a signature, if the parties act in conformity with the contract, then it’s enforceable. Here, Stormy Daniels suddenly went quiet and then received $130,000. Sounds like the parties were acting in conformity with the contract.

There doesn’t have to be an active lawsuit in order to have a settlement agreement. You can waive your ability to sue in exchange for something of value – which is what occurred here. When one person has wronged another, the parties often agree on a settlement prior to the initiation of a lawsuit because litigation is expensive, and most importantly for Trump, it’s public.


Well except for the lawyer talking about the details on national television and Trump denying the agreement has anything to do with him.


Yup. They got their start as the last remnants of the segregationists.


The penalty for breaking a contract probably varies from judge to judge. That’s what lawsuits are for.

45 can say anything he wants. He’s not under oath and we know he lies constantly and flip-flops almost as often. What he says means nothing, so far. It’s all his 5-dimensional chess, don’t you know?


That’s exactly why Stormy Daniels is going to court to challenge the enforceability of the settlement agreement.


“Michael Avenatti alleges that because Judge Elizabeth Feffer of Los Angeles Superior Court is seeking a federal appointment, it is not appropriate for her to preside over a case involving the president.”


Anybody hear anything about Cohen’s response? Noon-O-One EST has come and gone.

Update: “The president and Mr. Cohen have purposely ignored our settlement offer, thus doubling down on their efforts to muzzle Ms. Clifford and prevent her from telling the American people what happened,” Avenatti posted on Twitter. “Time to buckle up.” -Bloomberg



Because he is the fucking President.


Hypocrites are fair game, and Donald Trump is showing himself to be one by attaching himself to the Republican party who have “family values” as one of their core beliefs.


Look closely - I think she needs a Voight-Kampff test!


a metric shitload smarter, too.




But they made such a nice couple!


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