Stormy sues again, Avenatti leaks secret Cohen texts of Trump sex affair quash plot

Did anyone else notice that Cohen is no longer a lawyer? He’s only a fixer. I’m sure this wording was not by accident.

President Trump’s fixer, Michael D. Cohen

See, THAT’S why you have to use the proper instrument to throw the carcass down a deep, dark hole so it can’t hurt you anymore.

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Someone should explain to him that while he doesn’t respect her…his client wanted to have sex with her, and clearly wanted to hide the fact he did.

So my reply here is I do not respect you or him…I don’t respect liars and cheaters who cover it up.


Also, @HMSGoose forgot the juice of half a lime.

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Don’t forget the midori

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As this case makes clear, the president of the United States responds to blackmail.

As other known facts about the president and his family and business associates make clear, lots of material exists in lots of places that could be used to blackmail the president. Not just speculative stuff like the pee tape; stuff that is known to exist like Mark Burnett’s vault full of Apprentice outtakes.

This means that the president of the United States can be, and likely is being, blackmailed.

The Daniels lawsuit is pulling back the curtain on the jaw-dropping scope and breadth of the corruption, and hence blackmail potential, that Trump has lived and breathed for decades.

That is why it is newsworthy.


I certainly respect Stormy Daniels and other people working in porn more than I respect Giuliani or Trump.


Talk about faint praise…

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This. When I heard about his remarks, my response was, “Trump seemed to like her quite a bit”. I hope the media presses this point to him when they get a chance, but I’m not holding my breath.

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