Strange living slime blackening Washington DC memorials


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This aerial photo of lake is actually a mossy puddle on a box

Nuke it.



How… metaphorical.


Why is every goddamn article on Boing Boing about Trump?




Stupid statues get massive teams/resources to protect them from problems, buuut…not poor people being fed garbage and poisonous metals in their water.




It’s called Congress.

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Mmmm. Blackening.


There is a sickness in Washington DC, and it is called “Washington DC.”


Now you’re just being ridiculous! There’s no way it would be black then.


Thanks, Obama!


Like they could build them with those tiny little hands…


I’m still trying to find out what is so strange about it? It seems like the sort of thing that normally happens to rocks placed in a swamp(ish) area.


See? Trickle-down works!


One can certainly question the value of polishing the nation’s ceremonial marble rather than doing other stuff; but the National Park Service doesn’t exactly burst at the seams with cash. I haven’t been able to find a more specific breakdown of exactly how much care and attention each specific site gets; the DC stuff is probably very well funded per square foot, but a great deal smaller than most national parks.


You left out " … from orbit…"


No thanks, I’ve seen how that works out



Orange is the new black.