Women are flocking to Susan B Anthony's grave to cover it with "I Voted" stickers


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I like the sentiment, but does this cause any conservation issues for the cemetery? You’d think that whatever they use to remove the adhesive would cause the headstone to wear away more quickly than it would otherwise.


I feel the same. With all the things I’ve been told by someone who volunteered in a cemetary never to do to gravestones (like, touch them) especially if they’re limestone, which this one looks like… this is kind of making me twitchy.


It puts a tear in my eye…And makes me wonder, does anybody do this to the graves of Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, or James Chaney? They were murdered for attempting to register black people…

Edited to add…The more I think about this the more I think that somebody needs to to this. Locations in question:


I live in Rochester (actually went to university next to that graveyard), and I find this incredibly sweet. Given the sort of community pride centered around her and Frederick Douglass, I can assure you that their gravesites are well-taken care of by the conservators.

I might head over there myself to do this.


It seems to me that any permanent damage done to the headstone by all these stickers would itself be of historical significance in the best possible way.


I think Susan would approve. In any case, we should hope the suffragettes’ legacy long outlasts any physical monuments we could build for them.


Why not Victoria Woodhull?


Because no one knows who she was.


Well, piece of history and all that, but it can be replaced.


Um… gif of a young latina… something, something.


She was the original presidential sex magic witch.


Sorry, gotta do it:

Frederick Douglass

Notice the second “e” in Frederick and the extra “s” at the end of Douglass.


Because she’s buried in the U.K., where there aren’t many voters in U.S. elections?


Was on my phone keyboard. Thanks for the catch. Correcting.



So? That will just become part of its history. History is alive and happening all around us all the time. It’s not something frozen in amber. When the Sphinx’s nose was broken off in an act of vandalism (not by Napoleon’s troops), it become part of its history.


Some of us do, actually.


Do people really know who Susan B Anthony was, besides being that lady on that poorly designed dollar coin that blind people mistook for a quarter?


I was going to answer affirmative, and then remembered that I’ve lived a third of my life in her home city, so my data will be biased.