Strategies for nodding during meetings


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I need to send this to my coworker who, instead of nodding, seems to always shake her head no even when she is agreeing with you. It is SO offputting.


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May one assume that she is not from America? Not everybody nods the same way.


My God! Why did they not teach these skills in my high school?


Dammit. I came here looking for tips on taking naps during meetings, not tips on pretending to be more engaged!


Internalizing other culture’s body language can take a bit (it did for me), this took me a while to learn:


I’m glad they left off the ass-kisser, laughing nod that’s usually reserved for “all hands” meetings with the big bosses.


Oh, I really need this.

[note sarcasm]



My general meeting nodding technique.

edit: My nod usually has a more Bidenesque subtlety:


Sometimes it helps to understand why - in the Indian case it’s considered rude to say “No”. This is actually the #1 example I use when working with cross-cultural teams.

Project “Rome 2.0”

Scenario 1

American liaison: Can this be done in one day?
Indian team lead: Yes!

Scenario 2

American liaison: How long will this take?
Indian team lead: Many years…



invisible forehead pong


This is cynical shitty disingenuous shit, the kind of shitty shit that makes it despairing and shitty to be a human being.


Learn shorthand. It’s a fantastic skill in meetings, if you want to put someone off their game make eye contact with them while directly recording every word they say. Works a treat.



that note taking nod also including the ooh good finger point. you gotta notice stuff like that.


Ergo: people who nod like this are to be mistrusted.



This is me every time I have a conversation with a member of my family. Just nod and keep smiling. We’re in England, eventually they’ll feel the urge to go make a cup of tea and then I can make my escape!