Strawberry Switchblade is one of my favorite 1980s bands

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Are you guys planning to fix the broken comments links on this site one of these days?

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@orenwolf… problem with comments?

that’s some really incredible guitar playing

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I always get Strawberry Switchblade and Voice of the Beehive mixed up to such an extent that I usually don’t remember that they’re two separate entities.

Here’s Voice of the Beehive with their 1988 single I Say Nothing


Works for me?


Hip Hop Rap GIF


These guys lived round corner from me when I was a kid. They were a little older but super famous at school (they were older so had left by time I started Secondary).

The problem that occurs intermittently is that when you click the Comments link in the article, it just reloads the page and doesn’t actually take you to the Comments.

The workaround is to go to the Comments via the menu, find the article in question and click there.


This band had a pretty mellow sound, I know what I’ll be listening to this afternoon.

Then you (or whoever is having this issue) should start a thread within the “meta” category and alert the moderators, Orenwolf, and/or codinghorror by @ ing them directly, making sure to note what you are using with regards to your browser. they don’t know to fix a problem if no one tells them. Personally, I rarely go to the front page, other than to read specific stories there, so I have not seen the issue.


I lived in Japan in the 80’s and the “thoughts of yesterday” official video got played a lot. I love the song but I’m guessing it was the fashion sense that made it just as popular. How’d the song do in the states?

Desiderata: I rightclicked ‘comments’ for a new tab and got the…same article page. Leftclicked for comments, and got comments after all.

Neat capsule spaces in those songs.

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OMG, I’d forgotten about them. Listened a lot to Honey Lingers when it came out thanks to the demo bin at the record store at which I worked. Excellent hooky pop.

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