The Deal Sisters sing Wicked Little Town from Hedwig


Yesterday I wash just thinking about Cannonball yesterday… had listened to some Green Day actually and reminded me of them. So I looked the Breeders on Wikipedia to see what they had done more recently.

Do yourself a favor and track down the “Follow My Voice” documentary that this comes from. It follows the creation go the “Wig In A Box” tribute album, supporting the Harvey Milk School and LGBTQ kids. Great doc and a great soundtrack.

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Its an interested rendition of the song, i’m not entirely sure if i like it or not but i can’t really be upset over more Hedwig music being out there inspiring people out there. Every time i listen to music from the play/movie i get chills, sometimes i get emotional and cry. The music in it is so touching and beautiful, fun and tragic, all rolled up into something special.

I saw in an interview that JCM has been writing a sequel to Hedwig’s story, i hope its something that will eventually get made in some shape or form.

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