Street Demonstrations in Cuba?

This is the crux of it. I’ve heard from friends in Havana and Camaguey [which, according to the Twitterverse supposedly declared independence and where “the people” took over some government buildings]. They have said that it is actually pretty calm. There are some street demonstrations, but nothing at all like the narrative being pushed by certain elements. Much of the narrative of “the people are taking over” seems to be getting pushed by Twitter 'bots and the Miami exile community.

My experience in 20+ years of traveling to the island, working and studying there, and having friends there, is that the only thing Cubans dislike more than their government is interference from outsiders, especially Miami Cubans. One of the overarching narratives in how they tell their history is that Cuban history is the story of centuries of being caught in the middle of competing empires, and never being in control of their own destinies. I once sat in on a university class where they were discussing the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was surprised to find that they teach it pretty much exactly as I do in my own university classes [although I start with the US placing missiles in Turkey]. The difference is that the lesson they take from it is “stuck in the middle, again.”


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  • Cuba needs a mild Cuban Spring.
  • America needs to move forward from the 1960s.
  • Cuban-American inheritors need to give up on their Batista properties.

The often repeated talking point is that the embargo doesn’t block medical supplies. That ignores:

  • Due to the embargo, Cuba has limited means to pay for the medical supplies.
  • Even when it’s allowed, companies are very reluctant to get involved due to the far-reaching American trade sanctions.

I’m struggling to find any anarchist reporting on this. I can go with my usual policy of “the US is the bigger evil” (DFNS is the one exception to this, and I don’t expect the situation to last), but it would be nice to have something better to work with.

I have found this on reddit, which suggests that the best action is non-interventionism from socialists and capitalists, but the author is a Miami Cuban rather than someone who has lived there.

There is the Cuban Libertarian Movement, but they also seem to be mostly exiles.

Libertarian is the original socialist meaning.

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Or, I dunno [and I’m just spitballing here], it’s a chance to do the right thing, regardless of political outcome.


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