Study finds different types of alcohol may affect our emotions differently


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Wtf. We needed a study for this?!?

Hasn’t every single person alive learned this from tequila or vodka? One makes you an angry drunk. The other a happy drunk. It’s always the case. No exceptions.


TERPENES! I’d bet my last dollar that this is a terpene related entourage effect.


Certainly methyl alcohol is a real downer…


Self reporting survey? wow. That’s some science. Pretty sure all of it could chalked up to placebo effect. Let me know when someone adds a wine bar, a craft beer bar, and a cockatail bar to “rat park” and watches the ensuing rat behaviors.


I remember a cop coming into our driver’s ed class in high school and giving us a lecture (with slides!) about the ‘urban myth’ that different kinds of alcohol affect you differently; I remember her repeating “One beer, one wine, one shot, same thing!” as the hoods in class laughed at her. Even in 10th grade I knew this was some BS and I’d barely had beer or wine yet.


Some times common knowledge is demonstrably true.




“No point mentioning those bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough.”


I absolutely can only have very small quantities of it.


I’m a happy, snoozy drunk. I think I owe it to liqueurs and cordials. B&B, Drambuie, blackberry brandy, etc.


.I find that expensive liquor is far less depressing than the cheap stuff. YMMV,


I also find that alcohol can affect your mood differently depending on the setting you drink it in. Like drinking a beer in a bar with friends has a very different effect than drinking seven shots of hard liquor alone in the dark.


For starters, beer usually contains hops - a close relative to the cannabis plant, containing many analogous terpens. It would have been unexpected if these additional compounds (plus sugars, plus CO2…) didn’t affect the result, compared to a clear spirit.


Indeed. My self-reported personal study bears out your findings. :wink:



Spirits are all lumped together in this study.

I know from personal observations (a decade of working in bar bands) and personal experience (decades of trying to keep up withe the heavy drinkers around me) that whiskey, gin, vodka, and tequila all affect people differently, and even how it’s drank (straight, mixed, sipped, guzzled) makes a difference.

Two things that I learned the hard way: unlike bourbon, which makes me happy and relaxes my voice, whiskey makes me mean. Mean, and loud. And never give me tequila in a public setting.:flushed:




Fewer hangovers, too.