Watch: guy compares effects of booze vs LSD on everyday tasks


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I bet he could do even more squats on PCP.


I’d keep him away from his girlfriend if he was on PCP.


I think its interesting that he blames the alcohol for being evil and making him mean. We have seen that different kinds of alcohol have different effects though in this case. And not all people are mean drunk…some people seem to be silly drunk, some crazy drunk, some just dour drunk.


Doing squats with your girlfriend on your shoulder… Is an everyday task? I seriously need to hang out with this guy, he sounds fucking fun.


I just get happy then sleepy…maybe a little grumpy…and certainly dopey, but definitely not bashful. And if I pass out near cats, I get sneezy and need to see my doc.


Nembutol numbs it all; but I prefer alcohol…


I find it depends on a lot. The alcohol, the underlying mood. But it’s definitely a depressant and that makes it dangerous because if you’re already depressed at first it seems to make it better and then BAM… there’s the drop.


Great trailer for “Confirmation Bias: The Movie”


I’m glad he made this video because acid has some definite “power-up” effects, if you know yourself well enough to hit the sweet spot. for me thats a half tab. going beyong that and i’m “drunk on acid”, trippin balls like is portrayed in pop culture. before that point though, i have a deeper connection to my muscles, clearer thinking, and this is the weirdest one for me: i can breathe so much easier, it really opens up my windpipe! normally, when my heartrate raises i have a really hard time getting air in – but on acid it just doesn’t happen. i hope they study whyever that happens!


I’m thinking, “why not both”! Friday is just around the corner too.


I don’t think anybody has ever used fifteen shots as a performance enhancing drug. (Maybe James Joyce.)


He missed one:
Negative 10 points all around for the wearing of a slouchy beanie.


Psilocyb cubensis mushrooms have much the same effect. The amazonus strain provides a very nice body high and gives a definite energy and alertness boost at lower doses and without any of the ‘trip’ effects.


For control purposes, he should have worn the same t-shirt. I am more apt to believe this is the result of the incredible powers of Pikachu than LSD…


I thought the test was a bit unfair, because he is an unskilled drinker.


Did you see this recent BB post on micro dosing?


No substance makes you anything you are not.


You are what you eat.


Wherever you go, there you are.