Study Finds That Legal Weed Is Great For The Fast Food Industry

"A recent study by Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis found that 43% of legal tokers had purchased food at a McDonald’s in the previous four weeks, 10% above the market average. While only 18% ate at Taco Bell within the same four-week span, legal cannabis users visited it 43% more often than the general population. Wendy’s (17% above market) and Burger King (19% above market) are also popular among legal stoners while Subway (10% below market) is a lot less appetizing. But seriously, who craves a turkey sandwich after a huge b-load? "

“a Doritos Locos taco doesn’t sound like the most appetizing thing on the planet until the ganja gets passed around and it sounds like mana from heaven.”

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Happy Friday!

Edit: Oh, and Canada is the Fast Food spike coming your way right after drunk canoeing:


Also discovered this week: Water is wet.

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How is Big Apples and Peanut Butter doing? that was always one of my go-tos…

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