Uber Eats is about to start delivering ganja in Toronto

Originally published at: Uber Eats is about to start delivering ganja in Toronto | Boing Boing


One of rhe great things about cannabis legalisation is that it’s stripped weed of any connection to edgy rebellion. Now it’s just more boring corporations selling enjoyable stuff to consumers.


Drawing inspiration from the expansion of the Uber Eats service, mobile auto glass service Safelite has announced it will deliver air rifles and baseballs with each glass replacement.


I guess Uber is looking at the drug mule market and deciding to throw capitalism at it for their cut


Weed is cool, Uber sucks.

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If Uber delivering weed is to curb impaired driving or whatever… well, is the customer impaired when they order the stuff? That is illegal, delivery doesn’t change that fact. And there are more pot shops than Tim’s … 4 to 1 in my parts, which means there is a weed shop every intersection almost.

If you are housebound then you already use services like this, but it isn’t revolutionary for new customers and the justification/benefit of lessening crime is dubious.

I’ve always felt delivery drivers get the shit-end of the stick when HQ decides to add more ‘vice’ - when hard liquor delivery became legal here, pizza drivers were getting robbed left & right.

Granted, these are personal-quantity runs and probably not subject to a Fast & Furious hijacking that dispensary to dispensary transfers would get.

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