Stunning Mystique cosplay at New York Comic Con

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If Mystique is basically naked all the time, where does she get the extra mass for “clothes” that are bigger than her? Would you know from touching her “jacket” that it was made out some sort of foam or aerogel produced by her body?

Of course she’d likely break your neck as soon as you realized. But what a way to go!

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A question that applies even more to The Hulk…

As to this cosplay, it’s so simple yet very visually stunning. Great use of sequins, too. I love that this is a great effect that is made using off the shelf stuff - an eBayed uniform, a body suit, two wigs, blue makeup, and squequins to fudge the joins. The single contact lens really makes for a wonderful final touch that helps make it “stunning”.


This cosplay is probably my fav of all time, and probably the one I will recall in conversation when the subject comes up in the future.

Walking art.

Is there someplace that shows a closeup of the ‘seam’ between the two parts? That, to me, would be the trickiest part to pull off.


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