Stupid groundhog predicts six more weeks of winter


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Don’t blame Phil, I’m pretty sure I saw my shadow this morning too.


You’ve been in the country, living in a wintery place long enough to realize by now that winter doesn’t end in February. We’re lucky if it’s done by the end of April.


It’s time to find out exactly how good groundhog sliders are.


Hell, the New Jersey Groundhog says I’m going to Florida.


I trapped and released one of those guys into a better place (not my back yard) last summer and this is how it repays me?


so long as no more real heavy snow in ny - I’m ok.


As much as I agree with the “stupid” moniker, if I actually cared about the damned varmint I’d be browsing Yahoo news or something like that.

BTW, the first day of spring is March 20 +/- a day, so yeah, 6 more weeks of winter is a given.


I trust that stupid groundhog to tell the truth more than I trust Donald Trump.


YESSSSSS. bring on the snow!



Sweet! Only six more weeks of winter! So winter will end in the middle of March? That might be true in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. In Minnesota the groundhogs don’t even bother checking their shadow until May…


Groundhog leather’s supposed to be great for bootlaces.


My parents got this to watch on VHS New Year’s 1994. I cried during and after. My parents assumed I was bored and angry that they ordered weird food (Chinese) AND a bad movie. Actually I was having my first existential crisis. Good times!


Split decision in Canada too:


Isn’t the spring equinox usually around March 20th or 21st every year? Say, isn’t that around 6 weeks from now?

So all this time we’ve been dragging a hibernating marmot from it’s lair to learn something that could easily be looked-up in an almanac (preferably while warm and dry indoors)?

Where is that giant meteorite already? I think we’re just about done here.


The one down here, which they just moved further down south in the state, agrees with Phil this year:




Someone’s gotta kill that damned groundhog. Drive it off a cliff or something. Otherwise this winter is never gonna end.


I don’t think there is enough sun peeking through today to see a shadow here in Seattle.
Still I will take gray/dark/rain over the bitter cold.