Sturgis Motorcycle Rally sure was a great place to catch a super infectious disease

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Worst cosplay convention evah!


Who could have predicted it?


I can’t believe that thing everybody said was going to happen, happened!


There is no price too high for free-dumb!


Going to be a lot of used Harleys on the market, in case anyone is thinking about having a midlife crisis.






There’s an opportunity here for Harley Davidson - next year at Sturgis they can roll out a new product line, the H-D American Iron Lung™, targeted at their customers who attended Sturgis this year.


I just saw a video clip a few days ago of SD Governor Kristi Noem saying, on Fox, that the state was “back to normal” and had not issued any mask mandates for the rally. Now, she is disputing the claim that the rally was a super-spreader event. She is not good for the state and seems very belligerent when confronted about her handling of COVID-19.

To clarify: The video clip was from before the rally; I just saw it a few days ago.


So more than half the attendees are connected to cases. . . .

So much for “it’s all a hoax, I don’t know anyone who got it!”


I’ll bet you $10 that the dominant narrative that comes out of this for the right-wing media will be to highlight a bunch of people who attended the rally and didn’t get sick. Because if it was really as bad as the egghead so-called “experts” are telling us, then how is it possible that hundreds of thousands of people attended this rally and didn’t die? Right?

She’s convinced that she’s the next Sarah Palin and is in the nascent stages of running for President, as ridiculous as that sounds. She’s a genuinely stupid person who sees an opportunity to be a favorite of Fox & Friends into something on the national stage, and fuck if it’s not possible she’s right.


I totally called this in a previous thread.


It could be, or it could be that second-wave infections are people who didn’t attend but are connected through other interactions. For example, we’re dealing with a totally avoidable (and much smaller) outbreak here in Maine connected with a wedding in a really rural place. They’ve now connected more cases to the event than actually attended, because attendees brought it back to their communities. A prison guard, a pastor and a firefighter have been responsible for a fair bit of spread :frowning:



I liked the proposition that each participant could have been paid $26,000 to stay home and it would have still been cheaper for the country.

Too bad those assholes would have just taken the money, went anyway and blown it all on hookers, booze and dope.


So did I.

These people are morons, this year is supposed to not happen, nothing- its the only way we ever could have stopped it.

honest, I believe that. I think this year is a lost cause.


Which is actually the truth, most of the people at the rally didn’t get sick. This number is including probable secondary infections when the numbers from initial infections were already looking fairly low (contract tracing)… until this story came out (cell phone tracking).

This story is just like the “estimated worst case scenario” that projected millions of people were going to die, which the science deniers now hold on to with clenched fists as proof that pandemic science is a political lie.

Part of our society cannot discern between sourced facts and vague anonymous tweets, so they are certainly going to have a difficult time keeping scientific research and theories in a reasonable frame. Unfortunately these worst case scenarios adds nothing more than drama.

It would be nice to know exactly how many people who attended the event contracted the disease. That seems like it would be a much more useful stat.

“It would be nice to know exactly how many people who attended the event contracted the disease. That seems like it would be a much more useful stat.”

I know the answer to that:

Enough were infected at the event, that now ~266,000 people have the virus, than prior to the event.

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