Stylish protestors use colorful tools to smash windows at Barclays London HQ

The point wasn’t to annoy anyone? It was to draw attention to the fact that Barclay’s is one of the largest bankrollers of the fossil fuel industry.

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I really should get one myself because they’re inexpensive and i may never use it but when you need it you’re really gonna need it and not necessarily for your own vehicle. I have one of those telescopic wheel nut wrenches though because when it’s pouring with rain and you need to change a flat and the pokey little wrench that comes with the car has nowhere near enough leverage to unscrew the wheel nuts that have been screwed down tight by a pneumatic nut wrench at the tyre centre…

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One day I had to remove a wheel on my van to replace a CV joint or a tie-rod or something so as an exercise I chose to do it using just the tools in the van.

I was surprised to find I couldn’t undo the wheel bolts with the tool that came with the van nor with the extending device that you have pictured above.

I was happy to discover this in the sunshine outside my workshop rather than in the rain on the side of a motorway.

My solution was to purchase a 24" Teng 1/2" breaker bar and a 19 mm impact socket which I then taped together. This works well and I have confidence in it.

It sort of underlines why I want to try out the glass-breakers.

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Good grief! It may be time for a wheel nut loosening test.

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I’m surprised we haven’t seen an Amazoon link.

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