Suffragette on a scooter (1916)

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Talk about direct drive! It looks like the cylinder is actually connected to the wheel via the con-rod. I bet you could start that with a good shove.

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Followed that link to the Mashable site- nifty! Makes me feel like a bit less of a dork on my Progo scooter now, anyway. I just need to wear a suit, and I’ll be just like Humphrey Bogart!

Speaking of, can someone figure out what the deal is with the rear wheel of Bogart’s scooter here? The rear hub seems to be way off center. Some kind of oddball suspension system? Or just a photographic distortion?


I think there are several elements of the photo that lead the eye astray. The diameter of the rear wheel is smaller than you would expect. The giant chrome fender hits the plank he is standing on well ahead of the wheel and does not match the curvature of the wheel. His leg blocks your view of the front of the wheel. The fender mount is considerably longer than the wheel mount, adding to the feeling that the wheel extends higher than it does.


“Suffragette on a scooter!”

What really old guys say when they stub their toe.

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My all-time favorite scooter pic. I bet these would work fine with one of those electric hub motors.

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