Super Bowl Jesus Ad funded by groups fostering "hateful Christian Nationalism"

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Missionaries are scum. Neo-missionaries are worse than scum. If your god was so great and your religion so good that money would be going to feed the hungry or help the less fortunate, you know as Jesus did. That Jesus washed feet was symbolism you smooth-brained zealots.

Why is it a hate group? Because your organized religion is corrupted and flawed and you need to examine yourselves rather than push your flawed super church beliefs on everyone else.

Fucking missionaries, ugh.


The story of Jesus did not become a hate group. The groups who claim to follow his teachings but actually really, really don’t became a hate group. I saw that ad last night and in the first 5 seconds, I knew who was behind it. There was another ad later on by another unrelated group talking about Lent, and had Mark Wahlberg reciting a prayer. And then there was a Scientology ad after that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Scientology ad on tv before. These religious groups are all panicking because “None” is still the fastest growing religious affiliation in the US. People need to ask themselves one question if they’re considering getting involved with any of these groups: Where did all the money come from to burn $7M on a 30 second tv ad? And is that how you want your money spent? Is that how religious organizations should be spending their money?


Probably these guys wouldn’t never wash the feet of the homelesses, sick, migrants or the little children in need. “We are germophobes”, they would say.


I guess MLK and Bayard Rustin were members of hate groups, then… /s

They’re a hate group, because they do hateful shit. Quakers are no less organized, they don’t do hateful shit, despite being an organized religion… I don’t understand why this is difficult to grok…

Seriously, don’t do this, because it’s not helpful.


What is your stance on the LGBTQ+ community?

These are probably the most common questions we receive. And we understand why. Many of those who represent Jesus have made people in the LGBTQ+ community feel judged and excluded. And others in the Jesus community have simply ignored their stories and lived experiences.

So let us be clear in our opinion. Jesus loves gay people and Jesus loves trans people. The LGBTQ+ community, like all people, is invited to explore the story of Jesus and consider his example of unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness of others. No matter who you are, YOU are invited to explore the story of Jesus and consider what it means for your life.

Their PR company is good at their job. Next year, for the halftime, they should wheel in a giant wooden Trojan Jesus full of Christian Nationalists.


What bullshit. Of course, they think the LGBQT+ community should explore the story of Jesus, but only so that they can “leave their sinful ways behind”… fucking bigots.

Anyways… John Grant sees these bigots for what they are…



Organizations like the NCF have used such funds to send countless Americans to Uganda to spread anti-LGBTQ rhetoric alongside Ugandan ministers.

They claim that now they’re not connected to groups like National Christian Foundation, but their new shell seems like a dodge to delay examining their Form 990s for a couple more years.


Speaking of the cost of the ad… did anyone else think it looked like a lot of the images were created by AI. Maybe saved a couple bucks there. LOL


Some bigots didn’t get the memo regarding the ads funding.


Image 2-12-24 at 9.37 AM
Difficult to see, but it looks like six toes on the
foot next to the basin. :rofl:


Yeah - where did they get the $?


All of them, all their employees, and their pets.

Joe Biden GIF by PBS NewsHour


That might also explain why I was presented with a bunch of “recommended” posts on Failbook last night, ALL of which had some form of christian symbolism in them, and which all had that smoothed over look of alleged intelligence generation.

I’ve just taken to start blocking the many accounts that are paying to spam this tripe, seeing as there’s no way to tell facebook “I don’t want to see this crap on my feed EVER”. [rant about Facebook’s UI/UX being somehow worse than Tumblr redacted]


At least you can hide them, which theoretically makes them less likely to pop up on your feed. What I really hate is promoted posts on reddit, which you can’t hide, you can’t block, you can’t do anything with other than scroll by, which I do. But it’s still annoying when HeGetsUs pays for a promoted post on reddit and it shows up 100 times a day for a week.


“Jesus Kicks Ass!” - A 'murican bumper sticker somewhere.


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What some others pointed out: if the point of these ads was to spread Christian Nationalism, they are failing because the actual Christian Nationalists are calling this woke.Though this illustrates how far away from Christianity Christian Nationalists are.

As a stand alone critique of the first ad (not the organization behind it), It was on one hand weird because this outdated ritual now leads me to think of a barely camouflaged foot fetish video. On the other hand, it was (IMO) the correct depiction of Christ’s teachings.

If you have a problem with depictions of people doing what Christ commanded, and not leading a similar life, you may not understand the teachings of Chirst at all. (It doesn’t have to be literal foot washing, that’s partly an analogy)


Well, I think the whole point of the HeGetsUs campaign is to pull a bait and switch. I mean, it’s literally backed by the same people who are screaming about wokeness. But they know they can’t pull in more adherents with that message. The people who are already mad about wokeness are already with them. This is about pulling in believers who maybe don’t currently subscribe to any particular denomination. They know they can’t attract those people with an overtly hateful message. So you pull them in with the message of love and acceptance. But it’s bullshit, and once they have them in, they’ll go to work to convince these people that the world is going to hell in a handbasket because of woke ideology.

Note: I want to be 100% clear that I don’t mean this is true of all religions or all Christian denominations. It applies only to those who preach hate, and that definitely includes the groups backing the HeGetsUs campaign, even though their outward facing advertising makes it seem like that’s not what they’re about. There are plenty of churches, denominations, and religions that don’t do this. Most of them don’t advertise themselves at all. So if your church/religion doesn’t do this, understand that I am not talking about them.


Thank you for that.