Super cute stop-motion barbecue animation using felt props

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So realistic, count me fooled.

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Lots of fiber in that meal…


Me: Sweetie… check out this video… so adorable!

My Kiwi husband: Why is the guy buttering the corn by rolling it in the butter dish?

Me: What? That’s how I did it when I was a kid.

MKH: Instead of cutting off a pat of butter with a knife and buttering it that way?

Me: Why would we do that?

MKH: *** shakes head ***


In my house, we keep a special “cob on the corn” butter dish in the 'fridge (so it stays hard). Rolling the cobs on this butter is encouraged expected. But I don’t judge those who are knifey-spready types.

Holy hell, mid August here! That means fresh local corn should be avail now!


We always put a pat of butter on the cob, but the dedicated butter dish method seems efficient.
One of my neighbors turned me on to another way… he slathers mayo on the cob, then sprinkles chili powder on it. Cajun spice works, too, btw.
Re: the video…
Great work!
But those weenies looked kinda fuzzy. Not sure I would eat one, but to each their own…

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