Super Monster Wolf protects crops in Japan

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Son, Where have you been!



The problem with these robots is that they have limited movements and don’t smell like an animal. So real animals catch on after awhile.

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(animatronics by Fabrico Rabachim)


You know you can buy wolf pee on amazon, right? Who knows what the professional farmers have access to.


They could call This guy…

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How disappointing, I was expecting a live dog in a cool mask. At least I got to see the horrifying baby shark.

At one point, I was trying to figure out squirrels from stealing my fruit. Squirrels are at an interesting point: clever enough to bypass passive defenses of any sort eventually, and stupid enough not to be deterred by a large chance of death so long as they have some chance of getting food. I needed something active, that could detect and engage the squirrels as they cam into my yard. Somewhere after “maybe some sort of robot” but before “it’s not worth that kind of money”, common sense reached out and slapped me. “A dog. What you want is called a fucking dog. Moron.” (Common sense is often cross.)

So in that same spirit… have the farmers tried a relatively inexpensive real dog?

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