Supercut of local TV stations running the same pre-packaged shopping news

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It’s okay,

It’s ok, you can admit it, you’ve bought a story, or two, or ten, for your news organization…


If you want a real supercut, consider getting your family a flow-bee for Life Day this year.

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Your “local news” echo chamber: Wind 'em up & watch 'em go!

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This is an ongoing series, apparently. He’s noticed the repetition in more than this case. There’s a playlist of a bunch of them.

So this is some kind of media campaign to get people to feel ok about buying an item or two, or even ten, for themselves in this season of giving? Think about it, America. Who is worthiest of your giving if not you yourself? It’s ok, buy stuff. Totally ok.

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The thing that surprises me is the number of networks involved here. I could understand it if it were like a piece that got sent to all the local Fox offices or something from head office, but there were all the colours of the tv rainbow represented there

I thought it might be a network thing too, but there must be an AP-like service for banal news filler that these stations subscribe to.

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Not really a surprise…

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