Superman paint-by-number


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So… Donald Trump is really Superman?


Bizarro Superman.

You don’t fuck with Orange Kryptonite.


Don’t keep me in suspense! What are the colors for the numbers??? AGGGHHHH!


Wait, that robot was just trying to put out the vague fire as it was designed to do. What the hell is Supes problem? Maybe he was toasting marshmallows?


For Trump tones, use orange color #5 heavily.*

* For best effect, use more lightly around the eyes.


Based on my very hazy concept of what Superman looks like:

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
  4. Just kidding, there is no 4 in this drawing.
  5. Probably Orange
  6. Green
  7. ??? Purple maybe. That’s a good robot color!



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