Supportive Burger Wife and Burger Heiress costumes


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Burger Spawn?


And the pictures double as photoshop nightmares! The Beschizz is strong in this post



I love this sub for its sheer knockoffery but it can be LOUSY TO THE TEETH with these costume near-veneers from time-to-time. Thankfully, I think the regulars got sick of how regular the bulk of costumes was and they just don’t get upvoted anymore.


Supportive Burger Wife is the name of my new ambient vegan dronecore polka band.


And no “Burger Burgher” either.


Crispy Hexagons.

“Dad, I want Chex for breakfast!”

“Well Billy, screw you, I’m not made of money. You get Crispy Hexagons.”


They’re fine if you drown them in malk.


I don’t get it. Is it some kind of cultural reference, or just something absurdly silly?




Maybe it’s the tragedy fatigue setting in, but these alternative names for pop culture figures are really pushing my goofy laughter button.




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