Supposed messiah visits Philly, forgets pants


He’s not the messiah.

He’s a very naughty boy.


The bible said that Cyrus king of Persia was a messiah, not clear that this guy is a king of Persia though he might just have received some new trousers.

The bible said that Cyrus king of Persia was a messiah, not clear that this guy is a king of Persia though he might just have received some new trousers.

I think you mean King of Prussia, which is just down the Schuylkill Expressway. It just so happens to be where I last purchased my trousers.

He could very well be the Messiah. Perhaps we need to lower our expectations.


I think the Messiah is more likely hanging at the Flemington Department story, in Jersey.

Gosh, some people will believe anything. I don’t believe it is the Messiah unless I see clear, independent verification by a miraculous image on a slice of toast or within a meat pie. :smiley:

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At least he wasn’t charged. We’ve come so far as a species in a few thousand years; we would have crucified the guy before.

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In the unlikely event that it really is the messiah, all who mock him will pay forever in a lake of fire. I, for one, would like to go on record as giving him my full respect.


Did Jesus wear pants? I usually see him depicted as a “comfy robes” kind of guy.


or our trousers.

I don’t understand - this is a regularly sighted thing at burning man this week- ShirtCockers are know to have delusions of grandeur.

I spent a few bewildering minutes at the auto parts store yesterday; one of those moments was an off-duty cashier declaring (in response to current events) that “these are the last days, these are the last days.” I wouldn’t have thought much more about it until, after exiting the store, a brouhaha at the Dollar Tree next door exploded out into the parking lot, with one guy bolting for his car and a guy with a shiv trying to stab thru the windows of the car as it sped off. Guy with the shiv had the Manson stare down cold.

I know there are bigger problems out there but at the time I couldn’t help but think “so this is how The Message comes.”


How dare you people question The Messiah! If the Messiah wants to walk around pants-less, then we should follow his lead.

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Your trip to the store was much, much more interesting than mine yesterday. Nobody at CostCo try to shiv ANYONE, as much as I may have liked them to. But the samples were good. I make back what I pay in membership just in terms of what I save on feeding the kids.

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So sayeth the Lord.

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No pants! This is the Messiah I have been waiting for.


Ben Franklin.

How blessed are those who are without pants, because it is they who will inherit the earth!

And lo, the people removed their pants. And they saw that it was good.

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“Messiah” literally means “annointed one”, so really, all you have to do to be a messiah is rub yourself down with oil.

Hence the lack of pants.

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Or, you know, people suck and are violent. So far, they pretty much always have been, and I suspect will always be to some degree.

If these sorts of things were a sign of the apocalypse, I think the world would probably end several thousand times a day.