Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett has a "position on, you know, Jews, right?"

With our current judiciary, they’ll just say the Satanic Temple isn’t a real religion.

By the way, the Church of Satan are a bunch of pricks.

The Satanic Temple are the ones with the humanist agenda


But it was just an example! She didn’t mean to talk about actual views on Jews… /s

The fact that we can’t recognized bigotry when it’s starting us right in the face is really frightening…


You wish this implicit anti-Semitism makes her special.
All it does is make her another Republican POS.
No one should be surprised.


You would say she’s “just asking questions”?


No one is surprised… but pointing it out when we see it actually matters, no matter how common it’s become on the right…



Or someone will counter, “we already have Satanic schools – it’s called the public school system!”


Agree. Regarding her use of “Jews” when she means “Israeli”… is that “bigoted” as such? Or is it just supreme, blithe ignorance? If she was a college freshman and said this and someone corrected her, I’m sure she’d come back with “Israelis, the Jews, yeah whatever— you know what I mean!” She’s a twit.

I have no doubt that she is prejudiced, the same way when a white person in conversation uses the word “racial” (when the correct word would be “racist”), you know something isn’t right. It shows her mindset: Israel, to her, is “that place run by The Jews.” But this particular quote is not the smoking gun people are calling it out as.

Um… she’s a supreme court justice. At the very least she should have some working knowledge of bigoted language to avoid. Would we be having this discussion if she said “the Blacks” or something worst? No. She doesn’t get to claim ignorance when she’s making fucking decisions that has a major impact on the lives of hundreds of millions of people. :woman_shrugging:


I mean, I would forgive Barrett for a lot if she said she is still figuring things out and so stepped down. This is the thing about being “fair” to these people…they don’t have to put themselves in such powerful positions. Why shouldn’t we have high standards if they do?


Liberals are far too right wing for me, although they are still preferable to conservatives.


She has a point. People who don’t support Israel’s behaviour in Palestine are often accused of anti-semitism especially in America. Israel is the only foreign country where US presidents face political pressure to say they “love” which is really really weird when you think about it.

Imagine outraged people accusing the president of not loving Italy.

That’s not so uncommon among people who are pro-Israel.

No, but again, they believe they are the elect of America and are entitled to those positions. That’s the point I’m making, that they believe themselves to be our ruling class, essentially, ordained by God. :woman_shrugging:

So when I say “to be fair to them”… it’s not about agreeing with their position, it’s correctly understanding their positions…

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Seriously, anyone else wish to tell me what I already know?


Sorry, Mindy, I probably should have added something to show I was making a “Yes, this!” kind of post. :sweat:


No worries… You’re just fine! But others here seem to be ignore the words I wrote in their hurry to tell me what I already know!

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Not that long ago, 1965. Under Paul VI. 20 years after the Holocaust and “rat lines” for escaping SS officers.


I get the whole dog-whistle thing about conflating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a “Jewish-Palestinian” conflict by conservatives, but for pete’s sake, the Israeli Knesset calls Israel a “Jewish state,” Netanyahu insisted that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” during peace negotiations, Obama called Israel a “Jewish state” in an address in Jerusalem, etc., etc.

To many people on the right, this is a Jewish-Palestinian conflict not merely because of the whole judgment day/Book of Revelations/Mel Gibson wet dream thing (which, come on, really? those folks are nuts! ) but also because the major groups involved are ethnically Jewish and ethnically Palestinian. It doesn’t make it right to do so, but it doesn’t deserve the outrage and frothing-at-the-mouth reactions from the left that I see on a daily basis.

Where you see racism and anti-Semitism, they see a conflict between two groups of people, not between two nation-states. I’ve had these conversations with dyed-in-the-wool conservative midwesterners out here Trump country. Hell, Hawley is from a small town just over the state line from where I’m typing this.

Everybody wants to hate on ACB because she’s got a history of interpreting law and deciding cases in a way you disagree with, she’s a conservative Catholic who attempts to follow the tenents of a faith you might have problems with, and her nomination was rammed through by the most partisan turtle to ever control the Senate; I get that. Have at it. But don’t expect every person on the left to be as aggrieved and outraged as you are. Sometimes a dogwhistle isn’t a dogwhistle no matter how much you think you hear the call.

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which is different, because, you know, it’s their country. White evangelicals using that same terminology is generally in the service of their own objectives, which includes making America a Christian nation, free of non-Christians, including Jews… whose primary role in their vision is to either convert in Israel or be killed by their vengeful Jesus. Last time I checked, ACB is neither an Israeli citizen, nor Jewish…


And yes, being made a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN IN MY OWN COUNTRY very much deserves a strong reaction. You might not be directly impacted by the decisions she’s imposing on us, but I am and so are others here.


Yeah! Don’t get all emotional; it’s just a little genocide. /s