Survey of table flipping

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So…no shout out to Matthew 21:12?


I’m confused by the conveyor belt in the .gif.

I had a table shaped like a middle finger. I loved flipping it. badummm tssss


And no mention of defensive table flipping. Bad guys shooting at you? Flip over a table and hide. Cops chasing you? Flip over a table behind you as you run. Zombies attacking? Flip over a table and shove it against the door.

Don’t these people watch any movies?

Works when a crazed schoolgirl comes at you with a spikey ninja ball, too.

Pro tip: When peeps flip the table and if you are on the other side and quick enough, grab the edge of the table and stand up. They are executing a motion using an arc and have programmed their movement to slide their hands off the table at the end of the manoeuvre, you will meanwhilst be holding the table in an elevated position without letting go. You will both work together to lift the table and then it will fall on them.


Am I the only person who assumed this was about flipping a table as a server, meaning getting the customers fed and gone as quickly as possible to have as many seatings as possible during a shift?


This thread is now over.

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I feel like this one was missing from the conversation:


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