Survey reveals the numbers of Christian Nationalists

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Whatever flavour of right-wing idiocy, it’s always in that range of 25-30% of the population. Call it the Crazification Factor, call it the Keyes Constant, call it whatever you want, it makes life hell for the other 2/3s of the population. The Nat-Cs are no different.

The important thing to remember is that the fascists are always a minority, their power only helped along by establishment conservatives and greedpig billionaires. Always.


Can we start putting quotes around the Christian in “Christian” Nationalist?


This is slightly heartening (I’d much prefer 0%, one can dream), but really the key thing is how they vote (roughly ~1/3 also identified as Republican and another ~1/4 as independent) and how these numbers change over time.


That percentage though is a lot of groups that, once they actually had absolute power, would dissolve into internecine warfare amongst themselves. This doesn’t make them any less dangerous though. They would happily kill all of us before they turned on each other

It’s a death cult, Ours, theirs, everyone’s


I think it can be understood that it has not more to do with traditional Christian values than National Socialism does with traditional socialism. Put the ethnostate first and there is no room for anything else.


A new survey finds that fewer than a third of Americans ( 29%) qualify as Christian nationalists

I think that tone is completely out of whack. “Fewer than a third” tries to spin this as a positive, when instead that’s a horrifyingly large number of our fellow citizens who are willing to push their religious agenda upon the rest of us, many of whom are willing to resort to violence to get their way. I had expected it to be far less than a third.


Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the numbers of the Christian Nationalists, for the numbers are those of men;


We don’t get people wanting to put scare quotes on Hindu Nationalism when talking about Modi’s India, or on Islamic Fundamentalism when talking about the repressive Saudi reigeme. It’s clear that this political movement is using Christianity as a binding identity and justification, so why sugar coat the truth.


… because No True Scotsman only works when it’s “us” talking about “our” religion :thinking:



Without hyperbole, it looks like a repackaged KKK movement. Same rhetoric, same scapegoats, same “god and country” philosophy. It’s not exactly the same of course, probably more accepting of Catholics this time around.


As always with these surveys, though- how did they ask the question. Do most people (ie. non-Boingers or other people who talk about this stuff all the time) even know what “Christian Nationalism” means? I’m willing to bet huge swaths of America would say yes to “do you support Christian Nationalism” but would say no to “do you want to live in a fascist religious theocracy”. A lot of people will say yes to anything with the word “Christian” in it. Same with asking if you are “sympathetic” to Christian Nationalism. What does that even mean? I can think of a dozen ways that the average person (who, again, doesn’t run in circles where this is discussed at length) could misinterpret that question.

I pretty much hate surveys like this and the headlines they generate.


Just as well they covered that in detail on the first page of the linked article,then.

To quote, the questions were:

Measuring Christian Nationalism

To measure Christian nationalism, the PRRI/Brookings Christian Nationalism Survey included a battery of five questions about the relationship between Christianity, American identity, and the U.S. government. Respondents were asked whether they completely agree, mostly agree, mostly disagree, or completely disagree with each of the following statements:

The U.S. government should declare America a Christian nation.
U.S. laws should be based on Christian values.
If the U.S. moves away from our Christian foundations, we will not have a country anymore.
Being Christian is an important part of being truly American.
God has called Christians to exercise dominion over all areas of American society.

Each respondent is given a composite score based on their answers to the five questions and is then assigned into one of four key groups:

Christian Nationalism Adherents (Score 0.75–1): These Americans overwhelmingly either agree or completely agree with the statement in the scale. This group includes 10% of Americans.

Christian Nationalism Sympathizers (Score 0.5–0.74): A majority of these Americans agree with the statements in the scale but they are less likely than adherents to completely agree. This group includes 19% of Americans.

Christian Nationalism Skeptics (Score 0.01-0.49): A majority of these Americans disagree with the statements in the scale but are less likely than rejecters to completely disagree. This group includes 39% of Americans.

Christian Nationalism Rejecters (Score 0): These Americans completely disagree with all 5 statements in the scale. This group includes 29% of Americans.



Pretty much, yeah. And it’s a part of religion altogether, an intrinsic part of the belief that you and only you knows how the world works. Or the true will of God. Or whatever. Most of these alliances are of necessity only, teaming up with the heretics to fight the unbelievers, so to say.

But I also suspect it’s also a simple rule of authoritarianism, leaders devolving into bulls fighting for the primacy of the herd, the desire for power decoupled from the desire to procreate. Naked Apes stuck with imperfect brains that both desire power and an addiction to being told they are the Chosen Ones.


I guess I should RTFA then. That’s so much more work than lazy complaining, though. You see my dilemma. :grimacing:


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That’s actually kind of funny, since most Evangelicals I know do not consider them even “Christian.” Leopard, meet face.


…for now.