Surviving Edged Weapons, fabulous police training video from the VHS 'n' Crack era

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That first video went from weird to full-blown what-the-fuck pretty quick. Wonderful vibes of “Too Many Cooks” in the second half.

I ain’t dying in no ghetto. You’ll have to cut my head off.



Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

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I am pretty sure that video isn’t real. That is clearly late 90s techno which would not have existed in the 80s.

But yes, knives can be fun and you need to be careful around them. I used my Kabar to whittle about 30 magic wands a couple weeks ago.


Produced by the father of a friend of mine - always fun to see it ‘in the wild’, so to speak.

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It’s Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo


Good call. I knew it was probably UK from the sound, and while I love electronica in general, there is too much out there for me to be aware of it.

ETA - I miss sound bites in techno.


You run…

Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo are Dutch, but the differences between English Happy Hardcore, Scottish Bouncy Techno and Dutch Happy Gabber could get pretty blurry at times

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I remember some sight that had a map of all the genres of electronica. It’s amazing how much is out there.


Ishkur’s Guide. Too bad it wasn’t updated in the last decade or so.



Nice to see people appreciate early pre-Madonna Guy Ritchie, featuring Jason Statham before he got all famous.

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is like Resevior Dogs. The one that was brilliant and helped start his career, but less known than the more poplar later film.


Ooooh, we have, I believe, mutual acquaintances for whom them’s fightin’ words :smiley:

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I like the boogie the guy at 2:00 is doin’. Looks like he’s having fun!

I’d forgotten that Ritchie and Madge were ever married, frankly.

But I agree; Lock Stock was one of his best.

Unfortunately too much success too quickly often atrophies creativity IMO.


You were one of the lucky few…

She’s been married so many times and involved with so many other celebs, who can keep track?

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