Survivors of the Florida School for Boys return to the site of legal kidnapping, torture and murder of children


The fuck? But…Florida. Thanks for bringing this story to the forefront. Has anyone investigated a paper trail?


There is no statute of limitations on murder. Florida, see justice is done.

Wait… black victims of Florida’s government and police? Nevermind, not gonna happen.


I was wondering how many of the perps would still be alive since some of the boys are now in their late 60’s, but I guess it’s possible. I would like to see who green-lighted these moves since some of the boys never saw judges or went through any official process at all, it seems.

I would hope through some form of paper trail that they could, at the least, receive some justice in the civil courts.


The school stayed open until 2011. I’m sure some of the perps are still alive.


Given that this hellhole wasn’t shut down until 2011, I sadly have to wonder how many similar “institutions” still operate in the US?


excavated 55 sets of remains at Dozier’s Boot Hill cemetery

tearing these people open in a vat of acid is too good for them.

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Were these atrocities going on for that long, or did they cease earlier in the 60’s? My reading comprehension might be off because of a headache.

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They got repeatedly investigated over the years, and it’s not clear when (if ever) the school cleaned up its act.


And I’d like to hear what those sorry fucking investigators have to say for themselves in addition to the even sorrier fuckers that ran the place. Chilling, inhuman, appalling.
When I have to read @FloridaMan on twitter to feel better about my state, it’s a sad, sad day.


Private prisons, For The Win.
Capitalism, baby - Let the Free Market Free!


Hanging’s too good for them. Burning too good for them! They should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!

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