Suspected mass-murderer James Holmes' apartment for rent: $850/month


I think I would have more of a problem in the apartment where the murder took place than where murders were contemplated. I don’t believe in ghosts in the literal sense. I just might feel haunted by the history and wondering if remnants of the act were left behind.

Here’s a clause from the sales agreement that I signed when purchasing my house:

“The Seller warrants that, to the best of their knowledge,
belief and understanding that this property has not been stigmatized
by any act or occurrence which would be considered
traumatic or horrific to the buyer.”

While not required by local law, I was told that this is common language in sales agreements. When I asked what was meant by “traumatic or horrific”, I was told it was meant to cover both murder and haunting! Oooo-kay.

That being said, I would draw the line at living in, say, John Wayne Gacy’s house. Not because the idea of a murder having occurred there bothers me, but the fame of the location would draw unwanted visitors.

This post confused me a bit to start with (just woke up, hungover, so I’ll blame that) since I thought it was about H.H. Holmes, not James Holmes. Why are we calling him James? Why does he have an apartment in Aurora?

Now that I’m on the same page … I’d have to check out the place. Preferably on a dark night so I’d know if it was going to constantly freak me out. My hunch on the whole is that I’d be a lot less freaked out by his place than by the home of a more traditional serial killer.

$850/month is probably too much for me in any case though.

Although I can find no verification after ten whole seconds of searching, I dated a girl in high school that lived in Mark David Chapman’s old house in Hawai‘i. Sadly, nothing momentous occurred there on any of my visits.

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