Swastikas painted on cars and homes in San Bernardino mountains

It could be a stupid 16-year old that loves to tag everything just to be “bad”. Maybe some other kiddo will start to draw peace signs.

Besides wall paint made 80 year ago in Italy was pretty good quality.

While I obviously cannot say that is not the case, the idea that someone in this day and age is not familiar with the implications of that symbol rather boggles the mind. “Just being naughty” does not really fly with me.


Some vandals like to use hammer and sickle too. and break marble slabs.

This was in memory of partisans being killed there in 1944 by Nazist troops.

Looks like a political hate crime by, most likely, neo-nazis who tagged it with a hammer and sickle.

And to skip to the chase, when neo-nazis spray a Star of David on a business, that’s still a hate crime too.


No probably about it, it was part of a wave of neo-fascist protest against war remembrance celebrations:


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