Sweary truckers observe paper mill explosion

Never the twain, is the story here I think. US vs UK English.

Here in Rightpondia (where Rob’s from), no-one is common.
Noone is an Irish surname, as has already been pointed out.
“No one” works. But you wouldn’t say “no body” (outside of a Christmas cracker joke). So to align with “nobody” there’s a strong tendency to put the two words together; as per above, “noone” is bad, hence the hyphen.
Someone’s brain gets hurt no matter which way you turn :slight_smile:


OH, for once the dupe is better than the original post.


Wouldn’t want to be in that line of traffic in an open-top sports car, or on a bike!

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Was gonna post this, but you beat me to it.

Who? Him?

This must be resisted at all costs. No-one cannot be Noone!! (And vice versa.)



As you say, no-one over here in UK bats an eyelid at no-one.


Well, the digester is the point in the wood fiber processing where the wood chips become unglued. Hot and at high pressure with very nasty chemicals called liquor. The wood fiber comes out of the digester as a slurry and must be washed and bleached before being spread into a wide sheet and the water extracted.

They call it a paper mill and that probably refers to the type of sheet of fibers that is produced. In my part of the world, the mills produce pulp which is an intermediate product. This mill probably produces a final product…


It won’t just be wood fiber in that debris. The liquid will be a dangerous chemical called liquor which is a caustic chemical containing sodium hydroxide and sodium sulphide. This is nasty stuff that is designed to dissolve the bonds that hold wood together. Would do the same for your skin or lungs if you got it on you or breathed it in. The paint on those trucks is F**ked.


The fire department hosed the trucks down (since there was very little fire to worry about). Local ground water is going to be holy fucked, though.

Reminds me of dialog from Goodfellas.

You mean more than it already was?

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