Swiss Army knife in a credit-card shape


I have a better version, which lacks the file and toothpick but adds a magnifying glass, torch (flashlight to Americans) and a very useful four-way screwdriver with two sizes each of flat and Phillips screwdrivers. Both versions also have a ruler printed along one edge.

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… a bag, a toothbrush and a comb…

How long until the TSA bans credit cards thanks to this?
How many cops are going to taser people and claim they thought the credit card was a weapon?

I think I’d rather have one of these folding utility knives. Especially since some of them are slightly cheaper.

The pens in kits like these never seem to have enough ink anyway.

Oo, yes - I love the magnifying glass bit. My eyes just switched to farsightedness and suddenly half of everything I need to read is too small!

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