Syracuse cops falsely accuse man of rectal dope-stashing and take him to hospital for nonconsensual anal probe; now he must pay $4600 for the procedure

4600 dollars for a couple of fingers up the butt? I have got to start upping my rates.


Just as I thought: The story omits important context.

This is Torrence Jackson. Is anyone still confused how this can happen here in the Yoo Ess of Ay?7664566-6516313-image-m-3_1545317883700


Dude… I didn’t even need to look to know. Just the description alone was enough for me to figure it out:

Man stopped and accused of possession of weed, so the cops escalate the arrest to include violating his civil rights and his body?



Unless they have some sort of signed consent to treat from from him, how can they bill him legally? He did not consent to any procedures as far as I can see.

This is far too much like getting billed by the cops for their time in executing a search warrant that found nothing. It is utter bull**** and strikes me as a major offense against the Constitution and human decency.

Actual surgery without consent has been done. Customs once suspected a guy had drugs surgically implanted in his body because he had a fresh surgical scasr and his leg was swelling up and turning black.

They got an emergency court order as the guy was willing to die rather than let them operate. Drugs were indeed found, rather a lot and apparently implanted by someone who had watched a few episodes of House or something. Not sure if the guy lost his leg.

Breast implants have been used also:

Drug dealers are worse than scum as there is nothing they will not do to others to get their “product” to eager people anywhere, anytime.

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Well, shit: you made the connection, and I made the conne tion, but I noticed all the outrage of other posters here in the comments, acting surprised at how this sort of thing could possibly happen… And this kind of ignorance at how america really works, is just criminal negligence.

Just like Apartheid South Africa, just like the state of Israel, this country is founded upon racist principles.

I don’t get any angrier than I already am when these kinds of headlines bubble up, what makes me angrier is when other white people plea ignorance of how this can possibly be happening. Its no better excuse than german townspeople pretending not to know what was going on in the concentration camps.


There is so much wrong with this incident that it is difficult to even begin a meaningful dialogue. The sad news is this same type of dehumanizing activity happened to a woman in the SW (New Mexico, I believe) a few years back. The medical personnel obviously need further training.


That doctor that violated his oath had better have really good insurance (for now)…and have his medical license yanked.
Kudos to the two doctors that refused the procedure.


My biggest surprise in this was not that it happened or that the man was black, but that they apparently had a hard time finding a doc to do the procedure. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope out there… A tiny one, admittedly, but there nonetheless.


Yep, almost immediately.

I’m only really surprised when horrible, inhumane shit happens to affluent White people, because that’s who the system is set up to protect. When it begins to fail them, then all bets are seriously off.

Same as it ever was, sadly.

Absolutely; and all the sugar-coated fairytales we have spoon-fed ourselves about being “the greatest, freest nation on earth” are just manipulative pieces of propaganda which fosters an environment of complacency and complicity.


Well of course. He is presumed guilty and has to have the procedure done at his own expense in order to prove himself innocent. That’s the way the law works, right? Wait… what?


Since this was done without his consent for no medical reason I think it should be labeled as rape, and the doctor involved spend time in jail.


I mean they could have swung by the local Taco Bell, a couple of gorditas, Doritos tacos, and 32oz of Mt Dew and in a half hour they would have had their answer…

All joking aside, I’ll probably stick up for officers more than the average BB’er…put these officers need a daily enema with Carolina Ghost Reaper chilis for a week and then reassignment to parking enforcement or trash pick up.


The linked article says the docs refused but “the hospital lawyer overruled its doctors”. I fail to see how a lawyer gets to make medical decisions on behalf of the docs, although I do hope the docs will have some hope of passing through the civil penalties to the hospital (it would be a delight if the lawyer ended up with some personal consequences out of the deal). It would still not be amiss if, as others have suggested, the docs faced criminal penalties as well. IANAL but I’m pretty sure “my lawyer said it would be OK” is not a bulletproof defense.

The story also points out that there was a much less invasive option: give the guy a lot of ex-lax and wait. I guess he refused that, but I can’t see why they couldn’t just lock him up and sort through his poop in due course – it’s gotta come out sooner or later. What’s the hurry, unless they were just fishing for an excuse to violate the guy?

The story is very well written IMO and makes much more interesting reading than the BB summary (not surprising, summaries are like that). The whole thing sounds pretty seedy, everyone comes out looking bad except for the one doc who refused.


And how is this not rape?

Anybody? From what I understand, rape is not about pleasure but about control.

So again, how is this not rape?


This. I recently did prep for a colonoscopy, the full 4 liter variety (actually I upped it to 6 because the first time wasn’t sufficient). Chug 2 liters over an hour and you’ll be going…a lot.


I sure hope!

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Yes, please add the hospital lawyer and the city judge to the list of people who need to see jail time, especially since they were the ones best positioned to know the relevant case law and precedent completely against what they were ordering. Though, it should be said, only one doctor agreed to do the procedure, after two others refused, directly to the police and the hospital lawyer.

Especially since the hospital lawyer’s name is “Siefter.” That’s like a metalworker named Smith or a lumberjack named Forrest.


Well… Yet!

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Yeah, I’m not getting that either. A warrant is the right for the government to search (which, in this case is very, very questionable), not the power to compel doctors to perform invasive, medically un-necesary procedures under anesthesia.

Does this PD just not have one of those wait for it poop inspection chairs? Or did they just really want to stick it to this guy because of his history with the cops? Whatever the case they really over reached and deserve to lose a civil suit.


Didn’t we have a story exactly like this a couple of years ago? Except it was a woman, and New Mexico I think, and she successfully sued? Precedent!