T-Mobile customer exacts revenge


… insurance sues her for damages including punitive damages.



Also forgot to refer to her as a Gentlewoman.


Sometimes ringing the bell on the counter just isn’t quite as forceful a means of summoning the attention of retail employees as you’d like. Think of this as something akin to ringing a very large bell.


NO!!! come back America’s hat! We need you!


Getting that angle around Michigan is tricky anyway. Florida, on the other hand, was practically made for sawing off.


Canada will get cold with out its pants.


What happened to the territories???


You mean there are people crazy enough to live that far north? Brrrrrr!!!


I KNOW, right?


T-Mobile, ‘the Uncarrier’, meets Florida Woman, the Uncustomer.


T-Mobile Customer Approximates Revenge


Today, I drove an hour down to where my mom lives so we could go to the Sprint store and get her a new phone- Because she has Alzheimers, lives alone, and lost hers, getting the phone right then and there is kind of a major issue.

They tell me “Oh, yeah, we can’t do that here. You have to go online- They’ll ship it to you in like a day and a half.” So that not only means I wasted half my day, but now I have to drive down again after work on Monday (I get her mail forwarded because I do bills for her), while mom has no way to contact me over the weekend.

Honestly, I’m totally on the side of Florida Woman right at this moment.


Here are some stories from the other side of the sales counter…


(I linked to some actually nice stories too, rather than just retail horror stories)


That Watterson book is a tad offensive. They prefer to be called “Sex Workers”.



#For the Next 4 Years:

At least Canada won’t get cold with all that hot air.


so if canada is the hat, and the usa the pants, then mexico must be the boots:


LOLOL @ the ‘protest’ pair!!! I’m printing it out to put on the fridge at work Monday ! !


#“You have arrived at your destination”


LOL. Either that or “Recalculating.”